St Benedict’s Catholic College

Academic Care

The Academic Care Charter sets out the vision for education at St. Benedict’s Catholic College.

Believing that the heart of education is education of the heart, St. Benedict’s Catholic College aims to help all students grow into the kind of people they are meant to be before God and each other. The College offers an education that not only prepares young people for a balanced life, but also develops an understanding that learning is a life-long process. We strive to be compassionate, faith-filled people of God, selfless in our promotion of the gifts and talents of others whilst at the same time recognising and using our own gifts.

Staff members strive to create a learning environment that reflects the spirit of Christ modelled in the works of St. Benedict and calls forth the personal best in all those who are part of the school. To engender in our students a strong belief in God’s love as manifested through St. Benedict, we need to be a Christian community developing the gospel spirit of love of neighbour and love of God and the core Benedictine concern of love of Learning.

To help foster these aims we have adopted this Academic Care Charter that sets out the vision for education at the College.

St. Benedict’s Catholic College promotes Academic Care by:

  • providing opportunities to develop an understanding of the strong links between learning, well-being and resilience
  • believing that all students can succeed in their learning
  • monitoring student connectedness to the learning environment
  • stimulating student engagement with learning
  • providing learning experiences that are relevant to their lives
  • fostering high expectations in all learners
  • engaging staff and students in dialogue about understanding learning
  • enhancing positive psycho-social and developmental outcomes through protective factors
  • utilising a range of support networks and resources and implementing structures and programs in response to diverse student needs.

St. Benedict’s College Staff promote Academic Care by:

  • modelling respect and fairness
  • using pedagogies that strengthen the links between learning, well-being and resilience
  • supporting individual needs and learning styles
  • offering authentic, purposeful learning experiences
  • encouraging opportunities for reflection in learning
  • embedding assessment for learning within classroom practices
  • developing quality learning environments where students enjoy learning, are motivated, self-directed and feel empowered to take risks as learners
  • demonstrating clear and consistent behaviour and learning expectations
  • developing relationships that allow all students to feel valued, safe and supported.

Last updated on July 24th, 2014