St Benedict’s Catholic College

High Performance

The St Benedict’s Catholic College High Performance Program is designed to extend and enrich the learning of students who excel in their academic pursuits.

Nomination for the program takes place through teacher nomination based on academic achievement and through academic testing. Their STRIVE Coaches oversees each student’s day-to-day progress and goals.

Once identified, students in the High Performance Program have their learning enriched and extended in three ways. In class, students engage in differentiated learning activities in nominated classes according to their skills and interests. There are also external opportunities for students. Although these vary on a yearly basis, students have been involved in:

  • Special Interest projects
  • The Diocese of Wollongong SPLICED Program
  • Workshops at a range of Universities (GERRIC Program at The University of New South Wales, Learning Labs at University of Wollongong and University of Western Sydney)
  • External Competitions
  • Competitions (da Vinci Decathlon)

Last updated on March 5th, 2021