St Benedict’s Catholic College


Stage 6 Subject Changes (HSC)

Prior to the commencement of the HSC course, students can make adjustments to their studies in preparation for the HSC. These adjustments may include picking up an Extension course or changing between English, Mathematics and Science courses. In some cases, it will also involve students dropping a course.

Students first indicate their interest in changing courses. This will be discussed with them and they will take home a form to finalise the process of changing.

Students who change courses will need to stay in their Year 11 courses until the beginning of Week 5 of Term 4. In addition, any student who picks up a 1-unit extension activity and drops a subject leaving them with 10 units will need to stay with the subject they intend on dropping until the end of Year 11. This provides these students with a trial period in which they can decide on whether the extension course is the right choice for them.

In this section, the initial indication of subject change form is located.

Last updated on December 7th, 2020