St Benedict’s Catholic College


Stage 6 Subject Selection (Preliminary – Year 11)

In Stage 6, students have the opportunity to study a range of subjects that will enable them to find employment or continue on to university.

Stage 6 Subject Selection Process

The Stage 6 subject selection process begins in Term 3 of Year 10. Students and parents attend an Information and Showcase Evening in which they find out about Stage 6 and watch specific subject presentations. At St Benedict’s Catholic College students study 12 units in Year 11 including 1 unit of Religious Education and a 1-unit Preliminary course.

As part of the two-step subject selection process, students make their initial subject indications. As part of this process, STRIVE coaches are involved in mentoring and there is a more formal subject discussion between each student and a member of the Executive team. The goal of the process is to ensure that each student has a plan for their future schooling and that students choose the right subjects and pathway. Students then make their final selections based on specific subject lines and, as part of a Stage 6 Enrolment process, the College makes students final subject offers.

In this section, you will find Stage 6 Subject Selection Change forms. During Term 3 you will also find information and links to online forms necessary for the subject selection process.

Last updated on March 5th, 2021