St Benedict’s Catholic College

Student Leadership

It is easy to recognise a student of St. Benedict’s Catholic College. 

  • They approach their work with perseverance, even when the path ahead seems challenging.
  • They are resilient. Showing a capacity to “bounce back” when faced with academic set backs and disappointments more generally
  • They approach their work with a sense of curiosity

A St. Benedict’s student approaches leadership using Christ’s model of Servant Leadership and a sense of humility in true Benedictine fashion

A St Benedict’s student approaches their dealings with others with integrity and honesty

St Benedict’s students show leadership in all their interactions. They represent themselves in a manner that demonstrates leadership. They are good role models, and show a clear understanding of how their actions directly and indirectly influence others. As leaders they assist others, show empathy, and recognize the extent of their influence. 

Last updated on March 5th, 2021