St Benedict’s Catholic College

Love of Learning, Love of Neighbour, Love of God

Love of God

Being a steward of God’s creation, showing wisdom, humility and gratitude through spirituality, actions and words.

Love of Learning

Applying self-regulation and perseverance to all tasks through thinking creatively and critically with a sense of curiosity and an appreciation of teamwork.

Love of Neighbour

Being an active leader who applies fair judgement through showing kindness, forgiveness and giving hope to others. 

Senior boys in Library

Our College

St Benedict’s is a Catholic, systemic co-educational College growing to 975 students in Years 7-12 in 2022. After opening in 2011 and moving to its permanent home in 2013, these remain exciting times at the College with Stages 1-6 of our building programme now complete. An additional 18 classrooms opened in 2017 as well as the first Stage of our playing fields. Construction of our state of the art Performing Arts complex also began in 2017 and completed in 2019, and in 2021, our new school hall was completed.


We strive to deliver learning, teaching and wellbeing, as one which is innovative and creative, underpinned by contemporary and relevant pedagogy. St. Benedict’s teachers foster an authentic and purposeful student-centred learning environment where students develop a love of learning and flourish through a culture of high expectations.


St. Benedict’s dictum that “A School of the Lord’s Service… should be… a place where there is something to strive for and nothing to run from” is at the heart of the College’s Wellbeing programme. Student wellbeing is at the heart of what we do at St. Benedict’s. The wellbeing of our students is fundamental to our journey and we achieve this in many different ways.

Graduate Statement

A Graduate of St Benedict’s Catholic College will embody a Love of God, a Love of Learning and a Love of Neighbour; helping them to flourish and enrich their lives and those around them.

High Performance

Great results start with quality teaching from the time our students enter St. Benedict’s Catholic College. Our pedagogy is focused on developing higher order cognitive skills and critical and creative thinking capabilities.

Enrolments & Fees

As a parent, the choice of a school for your child is an important, and sometimes difficult decision to make.  

St Benedict’s Catholic College is offering families an introduction to the College and a chance to explore the facilities and understand how truly special our school is. Find out how St Benedict’s is becoming a leading school in learning and supporting student wellbeing.