Learning a different language opens our minds to difference, where diversity is seen as a regular aspect of our society.  

Globalisation has brought our world physically closer together, and being proficient in languages provides us with the resources to be able to engage with the global community. The study of language also strengthens foundational skills for literacy in the mother tongue, whilst fostering intellectual and emotional development, as well as cultural understanding.  

While learning a different language, students not only reflect on their own background and identity, but also reflect on the culture and beliefs of other communities in their own country and overseas.  

While studying a language, students become aware of our place in the international community, begin to accept diversity and develop a greater understanding of multicultural Australia. 

Through the study of these skills, student’s different learning styles are catered for within a supportive environment where students are encouraged to “risk-take” in the target language to complete several activity based communication tasks. These tasks generally mirror real life situations. 

Language Subjects Currently Offered: 

  • Spanish  Year 8 Stage 4 Mandatory Course 
  • Spanish  Years 9 & 10 Stage 5 Elective 
  • Spanish Years 11 & 12 Beginners Preliminary and HSC Course 

In addition to this, our students also have access to study languages through external providers: NSW School of Languages and Saturday School of Community Languages.