Studying a Creative Arts subject at St Benedict’s Catholic College can provide: 

  • Collaboration – working together through ideas sharing 
  • Confidence – students feeling positive and prepared 
  • Integrity – doing the right thing in all circumstances 
  • Imagination – the ability to come up with new and creative ideas 
  • Open-mindedness – willingness to try new things 
  • Improvisation – is the act of creating something spontaneously without preparation

The following 4 subjects are covered in the CAPA Program;

  • Drama 
  • Music 
  • Photography 
  • Visual Arts 

The following Extra Curricular is available to all students; 

  • Clubs 
  • Dance 
  • Choir 
  • Music Enrichment 

Our Facilities 

With the completion of the new CAPA stage, facilities are now available to the CAPA students; 

  • Large Dance and Drama Studio 
  • Two large, keyboard and guitar equipped classrooms 
  • Five Music Practise rooms 
  • One large rehearsal room 
  • Sound Recording Room 
  • Digital Photography Room 
  • Three large Visual Arts Classrooms 
  • Senior Visual Arts Studio 
  • Senior Visual Arts Major Work storage room 

People who study Creative Arts show remarkable improvements in: 

  • cognitive function and problem solving abilities 
  • stress-relief and emotional well-being 
  • the development of personal expression and self-awareness 
  • psychological resilience and capacity to recall information and memory processing